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Hospice Society offers service to the severely ill and their loved ones

Merritt Herald Golden Years Supplement, Fall 2022


The Merritt and District Hospice Society provides a number of services and resources to those facing illness and their families. The local non-profit looks to address this uncomfortable but necessary topic.

Initially forming in 1986, the society has been providing support to terminally ill patients and their families for over 36 years. Their programs and services are offered by a team of roughly 20 volunteers, and one paid administrative position. 

It is the firm belief of the society that no one should die alone, and their philosophy of care focuses on helping people “live until they die.” Hospice services are nondiscriminatory, and always free-of-charge.

Hospice society plants seeds of care and comfort with new campaign

Merritt Herald, April 2022 - Marius Auer


The Merritt and District Hospice Society is reminding Merrittonians that hospice services are as diverse as wildflowers, with the Wildflowers Bloom campaign bringing awareness to the cause from April 4 to 29. 

Merritt Hospice Society supporting the terminally ill for 35 years

Merritt Herald, May 2021 - Morgan Hampton

The Merritt Hospice Society has been providing services to the community of Merritt for 35 years, supporting the terminally ill and their families since 1986.

You may be wondering, what is hospice? If you have never had a terminally ill loved one, you may be unfamiliar with the service this organization provides to those who are reaching the end of their life.

“Hospice is caring people working in cooperation with physicians and other members of the health care team to offer support to the terminally ill and their families,” said Jill Sanford, chairman of the Merritt Hospice Society.